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Stabilize the Business, then plan for growth.

Our Business Continuity unit works with clients who need assistance properly planning and understanding the cash flow necessary to ensure that sufficient financial resources are available to see their initiative through and structure for the future

Real-time Cash Flow Management

CashFlow Now will allow your company to become proactive to financial situations that are upcoming

Help to maximize profitability

Updates weekly, monthly, quarterly

Become Bankable Again

Barnard Howard LLC is a managment firm with many years of work out turn around success storys. We have helped businesses of all sizes turn negative situations into thriving businesses. 

We work closely with conventional banks and lenders to insure our clients find a solution that works for them while securing the capital needed to get things done.

What we Do

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- Cash Forecasting - Lean Management - Debt Consolidation - IRS Debt Negotiations - Business Start ups - Business Acquisitions - Loan Sourcing

CashFlow Now

Cashflow Now is a tool created in house to help manage change. CashFlow Now can help businesses of all sizes understand their financial situation and take control from the bottom dollar up.   

Capital Now

Get The Cash You Need!

When it comes to raising capital BH has you covered. Whether selling your business, growing your business, or purchasing a new facility, BH will help build a bank package that we can then take to our list of trusted lenders and investors. 

Our Cashflow planning will be the key to insuring lenders not only understand but see the plan down to the last dollar with clear payback dates and amounts broken out before they even begin their internal planning. 

With flexibility and understanding of interest we help ur clients make the most out of the money they borrow. 

BH stands with our clients from Idea creation to the funding to insure our clients get the Capital they need.

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